Florida Trip 2023

The Massillon Tiger Swing Band will be heading to Florida during Spring Break 2023.  We will be in Florida from March 24-30, 2023 and will be performing at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom.  This is an optional trip for all band members, but we hope that every member who wants to go will have the opportunity. To that end, the Band Boosters have agreed to offset almost 1/3 of the cost per student! This brings the trip price down from $1,307.00 to $1,000.00!!

Payment Schedule

Payment due dates have been split up to make paying for the trip more manageable.

Date Amount
August 1, 2022 $150*
September 1, 2022 $200
October 1, 2022 $200
November 1, 2022 $200
January 15, 2023 $250
January 23, 2023 $307
TOTAL $1,307  $1,000

*The first trip payment is intentionally less than the others to encourage you to purchase the trip insurance which is offered at the time of the first payment.  if you do not purchase the trip insurance, you cannot receive any refund should you need to pull out of the trip.

Register for the Trip

The first step for interested students is to check out the trip details/itinerary and register for the trip. The link is https://tripcomposers.grcoll.co/go/washingtonhs23

Register for the Trip

If you intend to travel with the band, you must register and pay the first deposit by August 1, 2022. Once you have registered, you will receive email instructions/reminders regarding when to make each payment.

Trip Composers

We have chosen Trip Composers tour company for this trip. This company has organized trips for several area bands and has extensive experience with large group performance trips to Orlando. They will be collecting all registrations and payments on a website called "Group Collect". All payments are made through the student's personal account with Trip Composers. No payments should be sent to the Band Boosters or band staff.

Trip Insurance

We strongly recommend that you purchase the trip insurance because without it no payment that you make is refundable (unless the entire trip would be canceled).  There are two types of insurance to choose from:

Standard Protection: $59
Advanced Protection: $92 - this includes the policy "Cancel for any reason (including COVID-19 situations)

You can read more about these protections on the Trip Composer website when you log in.

Marching at Disney

We are currently in the process of setting up the details regarding the marching performance. Disney does not release these details until about six months before the trip so there may be some modifications as we approach 2023.

Trip Details Meeting (Mandatory)

There will be a mandatory meeting closer to the trip date to discuss logistical details and expectations. The date of the meeting will be published closer to the time of the trip.


If you have any question or concerns, please contact Mr. Neel.