"Led onto the field by..." our Drum Majors!

Since the early days, the drum major has stepped forward to lead the band onto the field, in parades, and has served as the "face of the band" at many community events.

One early drum major, Myron McKelvey, is even responsible for part of that great Ohio State tradition of "dotting the i". It seems that McKelvey, who served as the Ohio State drum major in 1938, was about 4 measures too early in leading the sousaphone to the top of the "i".  Unsure what to do, that sousaphone player removed his hat and bowed to the crowd. It was so well received that that element remains to this day.

While not exclusively a "boy's club", the MTSB has only had a handful of girls lead the band.  Prior to 2020, a young lady from the majorette line would step up to fill the role, splitting her time between her duties as a majorette and drum major.  Frequently, the position was categorized as "head majorette" or "featured twirler".  For the 2020 MTSB, history was made twice as the band had not only its first true female drum major, but two drum majors on the field at the same time!

Drum Majors

2022 Miriam Joseph
2021 Brandon Johnson & Miriam Joseph

Brandon Johnson & Miriam Joseph
Miriam Joseph - first female drum major (non-majorette)

2019 Brandon Johnson
2018 Keaton Gibbs
2017 Keaton Gibbs
2016 Jordan Smith
2015 Jordan Smith
2014 Mason Harp
2013 Dan McCullough
2012 Dan McCullough
2011 Dan McCullough
2010 Matt Smith
2009 Matt Smith
2008 Nicolette Airhart
Head Majorette
2007 Nicolette Airhart
Featured Twirler
2006 Nick Randolph
2005 Jeremy Grimes
2004 Jeremy Grimes
2003 Roger Wacker II
2002 Roger Wacker II
2001 Roger Wacker II
2000 Angie Wallick
Featured Twirler
1999 Antonio Heath
1998 Antonio Heath
1997 Dan Kerstetter
1996 Larry Bridges
1995 No Drum Major
1994 No Drum Major
1993 No Drum Major
1992 No Drum Major
1991 No Drum Major
1990 No Drum Major
1989 No Drum Major
1988 No Drum Major
1987 Julie Meinhart
Drum Majorette
1986 Julie Meinhart
Drum Majorette
1985 Kelley McCauley
Drum Majorette
1984 Don Juan Jones
1983 Don Juan Jones
1982 Don Juan Jones
1981 Avonte Dixon
1980 Mike Allshouse
1979 David Stoner

Sandy Lawson
Drum Majorette


Sandy Lawson
Drum Majorette

1976 Paula Bender
Drum Majorette
1975 Ken Morrison
1974 Heywood McGriff
1973 Heywood McGriff
1972 Heywood McGriff
1971 John Edel
1970 John Edel
1969 John Givens
1968 Marion Fetters
1967 Jeff Moser
1966 Jeff Moser
1965 Dennis Gillom
1964 Dennis Gillom
First African American Drum Major
1963 Jim Seifert
1962 Jim Seifert
1961 Jim Seifert
1960 Phil Bucci
1959 Michael Dennison
1958 Dennis Ingram
1957 Dennis Ingram
1956 Ronald Prunty
1955 Ronnie Prunty
1954 Ted Stults
1953 Ted Stults
1952 Ronnie Swearingen
1951 Russel Mowrey
1950 Russel Mowrey
1949 Bob Mang
1948 Bob Mang
1947 Warren Mathey
1946 Warren Mathey
1945 Gene Kent
1944 Gene Kent
1943 William Luttrell
1942 Robert Levers
1941 Glenn Kent
1940 Donald Kent
1939 Clayton Bergdorf
1938 Clayton Bergdorf
1937 Gernel McClintock
1936 Gernel McClintock
1935 Walter White

Myron McKelvey

1933 Myron McKelvey
1932 Myron McKelvey
1931 Myron McKelvey
1927 Vernon Bonstell
1926 Robert Akeret
1924 C.M. Layton
School principal
1919 Albert Giltz
School janitor
2017 - Keaton Gibbs
1960 - Phil Bucci
1938 - Clayton Bergdorf