2023 Four Star Awards

The Four Star Awards is the annual event where we take the opportunity to thank all the students who participated in the band programs, making those programs successful.  It is also a time to recognize outstanding efforts, award scholarships, and bid farewell to our Seniors. The Four Star Awards for the 2022-2023 school year were held on the evening of May 15.

Senior Caitlin Norris plays the Alma Mater to close out the 2023 Four Star Awards while the directors and staff watch on.

Awards and Scholarships

In addition to First, Second, Third, and Four-Year Awards, presented to all members who met those qualifications, the following received individual recognition, awards and/or scholarships:

Outstanding Freshman Boy: Kiydin Jackson
Outstanding Freshman Girl: Destini McElroy
Rookie of the Year: Claire Grisak
Outstanding Sophomore Boy: Michael Neel
Outstanding Sophomore Girl: Basil White
Outstanding Junior Boy: Craig Aguon
Outstanding Junior Girl: Kate Ladley
Massillon Tiger Band Alumni Scholarship: Nicholas Bumgardner, Jarell Dawson, Miriam Joseph, Shannon Kerstetter, Sophia Philabaum
Pizza Oven Scholarship: Tyler Styer
Chuck “Scoop” Hess Scholarship: Zoey Miles
Dave Voshall Legacy Award: Jasmine Mazariegos
George “Red” Bird Scholarship: Caitlin Norris
Amanda J. Cunningham Memorial Scholarship: Kayla Bredenberg, Alexis Fisher, Isaiah McCullough, Zoey Miles, Shelby Rohr
Senior Dedication Award: Hannah Hoover, Isaiah McCullough
Senior Service Award: Miriam Joseph
Senior Leadership Award: Jasmine Mazariegos, Tyler Styer
Outstanding Senior Award: Zoey Miles
*Marine Corps Music Award: Caitlin Norris, Tyler Styer
Louis Armstrong Jazz Award: Nicholas Bumgardner
John Philip Sousa Band Award: Caitlin Norris
Swingster Award: Zoey Miles
Distinguished Service Award: Bill Joseph and Ellen Elder-Joseph

*The Marine Corps Music Award was presented at the WHS Honors Ceremony on May 10.

Class of 2023

Congratulations to all the Seniors who make up the WHS Instrumental Music Program’s Class of 2023:

Katelyn Allen
Aiden Barrick
Marrissa Bohm
Kayla Bredenberg
Nicholas Bumgardner
Tommy Collins
Jarell Dawson
Alexis Fisher

Makaylen Fites
Jaden Gray
Hannah Hoover
Miriam Joseph
Shannon Kerstetter
Jasmine Mazariegos
Isaiah McCullough
Zoey Miles

Tanaisjah Mitchell
Caitlin Norris
Sophia Philabaum
Angel Reese
Shelby Rohr
Katie Schweier
Kendall Sibert
Tyler Styer
Cieara Sweat