2021 Four Star Awards

This Four Star Awards is the annual event where we take the opportunity to thank all the students who participated in the band programs, making those programs successful.  It is also a time to recognize outstanding efforts, award scholarships, and bid farewell to our Seniors. The Four Star Awards for the 2020-2021 school year were held on the evening of May 17.

Awards and Scholarships

Maddy Halter plays the Alma Mater to close the 2021 Four Star Awards

In addition to First, Second, Third, and Four-Year Awards, presented to all members who met those qualifications, the following received individual recognition, awards and/or scholarships:

Outstanding Freshman Boy: Matt Ross
Outstanding Freshman Girl: Ellie Steiner
Rookie of the Year: Weston Filler
Outstanding Sophomore Boy: Nick Bumgardner
Outstanding Sophomore Girl: Zoey Miles
Outstanding Junior Boy: Ezra Teall
Outstanding Junior Girl: Kendra Carrico
Massillon Tiger Band Alumni Scholarship: Mina Philpott, Emily Ryder, Bethany Santucci, Davin Wenzel
Pizza Oven Scholarship: Jamie Joseph, Chris Wintrip
Chuck “Scoop” Hess Scholarship: Maddy Halter
Dave Voshall Legacy Award: Torrice Robinson, Jr.
George “Red” Bird Scholarship: Emily Maxhimer
Amanda J. Cunningham Memorial Scholarship: Brooke Hamilton
Senior Dedication: Cassie Green
Senior Leadership Award: Lillie Travis, Josie Mayle
Outstanding Senior Award: Owen Kramer
Louis Armstrong Jazz Award: Chris Wintrip
John Philip Sousa Band Award: Emily Maxhimer
Swingster Award: Chris Wintrip
Distinguished Service Award: Nicole Morgan

Class of 2021

Congratulations to all the Seniors who make up the WHS Instrumental Music Program’s Class of 2021:

Diana Alexander
Sadie Aliers
Klarke Banks
Caitlin Beckett
Ryley Cecil
Nathan Courter
Liberty Crawford
Nick Ginther
Cassie Green
Maddy Halter

Brooke Hamilton
Zach Holman
Bren Jenkins
Jamie Joseph
Owen Kramer
Emily Maxhimer
Josie Mayle
Caleb Mendez
Brock Morrison
Madison Moyer

Evan Peters
Mina Philpott
Maddi Price
Cole Reiter
Torrice Robinson, Jr.
Emily Ryder
Bethany Santucci
Lillie Travis
Davin Wenzel
Christopher Wintrip