2020 Swing Show

Week one. The weather is iffy, but the radar is showing dry between kickoff and the end of the game.  As the band starts to move into position for halftime a few light drops begin to fall. The drum major makes her way to the goalpost as the rain starts to get heavier.  The band steps on to the field and the heavens open up in what has been generously called a monsoon.  The MTSB keeps going. The beginning notes of our third song start to fill the air when there is a bright flash above the stadium. Lightning brings our Swing Show debut to a halt.

Week two. Take two. We roll out our Swing Show again under perfect skies and complete the show!

Keeping with our 2020 theme, the Swing Show is called “It’s All Up in the Air”, and featured these songs in addition to our traditional Opening Routine of Fanfare, Tiger Rag, and Carry On:

  • Come Fly with Me
  • Fly Me to the Moon
  • Flip, Flop, Fly

Because its 2020, Mr. Wenzel’s sideline microphone wasn’t turned on until the beginning of Fly Me to the Moon.