2018 Buckeye Invitational

The 2018 Buckeye Invitational was held on Saturday, September 29 at Ohio Stadium on the campus of The Ohio State University. This year’s invitational featured 44 bands from across the state of Ohio, and ended with a performance from The Ohio State University Marching Band. While the Invitational is a competition for many of the bands, the Tiger Swing Band participates as a “festival” band – for entertainment only.

After the performance, the students visit the OSU Band Room, where the performance is critiqued by one of the band’s directors.  Prior to the critique, the band has a chance to talk with a current OSU band member to learn more about the program.  This year, the band met with former MTSB drum major Dan McCullough, fresh off his performance of “dotting the i”.

Dan McCullough (center) talks with the MTSB.
Fellow MTSB alumnus Cody Hawkins stands to his right.

For this special event, the Tiger Swing Band performed the 2018 Road Trip Show, featuring:

  • Hit the Road, Jack – trumpet solo by Olivia Muzi
  • Born to Be Wild
  • Fun, Fun, Fun

Thanks to our friends at Cuyahoga Falls for recording and posting our performance!