2017 Four Star Awards

Dawson Matthews leads the students, staff, and guests in the Alma Mater to close the 2017 Four Star Awards

The 4 Star Awards for the 2016-17 school year were held on Monday May 15.  This annual event is an opportunity to thank all the students who participated in the band programs, making those programs successful.  It is also a time to recognize outstanding efforts, award scholarships, and bid farewell to our Seniors.

In addition to First, Second, Third, and Four-Year Awards, presented to all members who met those qualifications, the following received individual recognition, awards and/or scholarships:

Outstanding Freshman Boy: Jordan Higgins
Outstanding Freshman Girl: Zoey Paulus
Rookie of the Year: Olivia Muzi
Outstanding Sophomore Boy: Nathan Santucci
Outstanding Sophomore Girl: Mahaylee Neace
Outstanding Junior Boy: Michael Morgan
Outstanding Junior Girl: Elena Markley
Massillon Tiger Band Alumni Scholarship: Ryan Godbey, Carlee Gump, A’Kaisha Simpson
Pizza Oven Scholarship: Emily Kolek, Chloe Wolfe
Chuck “Scoop” Hess Scholarship: Camrynn Bickel
Dave Voshall Legacy Award: Quinn Piorkowski
George “Red” Bird Scholarship: Jeff King
Amanda J. Cunningham Memorial Scholarship: Victoria Nelson 
Senior Dedication and Service: Derrek Finefrock, Jakobe McClendon, Cassandra Rohr
Louis Armstrong Jazz Award: Stephen Sober
John Philip Sousa Band Award: Tajj Crowder
Swingster Award: Tajj Crowder
Distinguished Service Award: Julie Snyder

Semper Fidelis Award for Musical Excellence: Dawson Matthews
(Presented by the United States Marines Youth Foundation at the WHS Academic Honors Program on May 10)

Congratulations to all the Seniors who make up the WHS Instrumental Music Program’s Class of 2017:

Matt Ames
Terry Anderson
Camrynn Bickel
Ben Boni
Alissa Breining
Tajj Crowder
Derrek Finefrock
Ryan Godbey
Molly Gresh
Carlee Gump

Racheal Kerstetter
Jeff King
Emily Kolek
Peter Leitner
Destiny Lightner
Dawson Matthews
Jakobe McClendon
Allysa Moyer
Tori Nelson
Quinn Piorkowski

Jakob Reiter
Cassie Rohr
A’Kaisha Simpson
Jordan Smith
Micheala Smith
Stephen Sober
Alec Ward
Ihamod Williams
Chloe Wolfe