2015 Four Star Awards

The 4 Star Awards for the 2014-15 school year were held on Monday May 18.  This annual event is an opportunity to thank all the students who participated in the band programs, making those programs successful.  It is also a time to recognize outstanding efforts, award scholarships, and bid farewell to our Seniors.

Directors prepare to hand out awards

In addition to First, Second, Third, and Four-Year Awards, presented to all members who met those qualifications, the following received individual recognition, awards and/or scholarships:

Outstanding Freshman Boy: Jesse Hall
Outstanding Freshman Girl: Morgan Crum
Rookie of the Year: Karoline Smith
Outstanding Sophomore Boy: Tajj Crowder
Outstanding Sophomore Girl: Alissa Breining
Outstanding Junior Boy: Noah Brant
Outstanding Junior Girl: Katey Culp
Massillon Tiger Band Alumni Scholarship: Alyssa Braun, Brandon May
Pizza Oven Scholarship: Megann McArthur, Christa Salewsky
Chuck “Scoop” Hess Scholarship: Lena Shelton
Dave Voshall Legacy Award: Amanda Smith
George “Red” Bird Scholarship: Megan Wentzel
Amanda J. Cunningham Memorial Scholarship: Ben Myers
Most Dedicated Senior: Amanda Smith, Matt Diuk
Outstanding Senior: Lena Shelton
Louis Armstrong Jazz Award: Emily Powell
John Philip Sousa Band Award: Megan Wentzel
Swingster Award: Olivia Boggs
Distinguished Service Award: Carla and Eric Myers

Congratulations to all the Seniors who make up the WHS Instrumental Music Program’s Class of 2015:

Madison Berner
Olivia Boggs
Alyssa Braun
Antonio Campos-Bailey
Briannea Cantera
Amy Culp
Matthew Diuk
Timmy Eber
Tristan Fischer
Skyla Gamble
Micala Gorfido
Chloe Grimm
Mason Harp

Mallory Henderson
Autumn Henry
John Henry
Ashleigh Howard
Amanda Hunsicker
Iain Joseph
Brandon May
Megann McArthur
Kassandra Meyer
Allissa Mitchell
Kat Moore
Haley Myer

Ben Myers
LeeAnn Neace
Chase Porrini
Emily Powell
Christa Salewsky
Mike Santucci
Lena Shelton
Logan Sines
Brittany Siravo
Amanda Smith
Chandler Tritch
Megan Wentzel