2014 Four Star Awards

WHS Band program’s Class of 2014

The 4 Star Awards for the 2013-14 school year were held on Monday May 19.  This annual event is an opportunity to thank all the students who participated in the band programs, making those programs successful.  It is also a time to recognize outstanding efforts, award scholarships, and bid farewell to our Seniors.

In addition to First, Second, Third, and Four-Year Awards, presented to all members who met those qualifications, the following received individual recognition, awards and/or scholarships:

Senior Show Directors 2013: Dom Foutz, Zane Radcliffe, Andy Smith, Lexus Uhlir, Taylor Wicks
Senior Show Choreographers: Kim Anderson, Emily Dodd
Outstanding Freshman Boy: Stephen Sober
Outstanding Freshman Girl: Tori Nelson
Rookie of the Year: Camrynn Bickel
Outstanding Sophomore Boy: Zac Lockwood
Outstanding Sophomore Girl: Rebekah Sorensen
Outstanding Junior Boy: Chase Porrini
Outstanding Junior Girl: Lena Shelton
Dave Voshall Legacy Award: Andy Smith
Outstanding Senior: Christine Collins
Most Dedicated Senior: Matt Sorensen
John Philip Sousa Band Award: Jessie Robinson
Louis Armstrong Jazz Award: Andy Smith
Senior Leadership Award: Taylor Wicks
Massillon Tiger Band Alumni Scholarship: Lexus Uhlir, Jordy Vargas, Dom Foutz
Chuck “Scoop” Hess Scholarship: Michael Coffey
Amanda J. Cunningham Memorial Scholarship: Taylor Wicks
Pizza Oven Scholarship: Jessie Robinson, Rebecca Klein
George “Red” Bird Scholarship: Christine Collins
Swingster Award: Andy Smith
Distinguished Service Award: Walt and Marta Shannon

Congratulations to all the Seniors who make up the WHS Band Program’s Class of 2014:

Kim Anderson
Shaun Bolan
Collin Brace
Kennedy Brand
Bryan Campbell
Mike Coffey
Christine Collins
Riley Dahlquist
Andrew Crell
Emily Dodd
Kyle Erbland
Dominic Foutz
Cheyenne Harrison

Jewel Haskins
Cody Hawkins
Rebecca Klein
Megan Lint
Kayla Lones
Trevor Lucas
J.J. Maceyak
Dan McCullough
Miranda McGinnis
Michelle Mercer
Jessica Natoli
John Norris
Jessica Pledgure

Zane Radcliffe
Christopher Rittenhouse
Jessie Robinson
Vanessa Shannon
Andy Smith
Matthew Sorensen
Lexus Uhlir
Jordy Vargas
Madison Walsh
Kayla White
Taylor Wicks
Jessie Wilson
Justin Wilson