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A proposal to amend the by-laws of the Instrumental Music Boosters of the Massillon City Schools, Inc. (the Band Boosters) was put forward at the band booster meeting on January 21. In accordance with the by-laws, the amendment was presented to the boosters at this meeting, and will be discussed and voted upon at the next band booster meeting, scheduled for Wednesday, February 17, 2016.


The proposed amendment and rationale are as follows (additions are in bold and underlined):

Amend Article III – Officers and Their Elections, Section 3.2

The offices of President, Vice President, Administrative Secretary, Coordinating Secretary, and Treasurer shall first be selected from parents/guardians of current high school band members. The Alumni Representative must be a 3 or 4 Star Tiger Swing Band Alumnus. The Past Booster Representative must be a former voting member of the organization. If no parent/guardian of a current high school band member is available to fill the positions, other qualified individuals, who are approved by the current executive committee can be considered.



Frequently band booster volunteers working in concessions or other volunteer roles don't meet the definition of parents/guardians. Examples could include siblings, relatives, or boyfriend/girlfriend of a parent/guardian. In some of these cases, the individual would be willing to serve in a band booster officer capacity, but is prevented from doing so by the parent/guardian definition in the by-laws.

The proposed amendment would allow a non-parent/guardian, who has been approved by the executive committee, to have their name on the ballot for election as a band booster officer if, and only if, there is no parent/guardian willing to stand for election to that position.


More Information

Download a copy of the Constitution/ByLaws

Questions about the proposed by-law change may be directed to Jenn Smithhisler (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).