Ohio's Oldest High School Football Band - Since 1914

Tiger Swing Band

And now, from the shores of the Bahamas to the soccer fields of England; from the Rose Bowl in Pasadena to the Cotton Bowl of Dallas; from main street in Disneyland to main street in Disney World; from the canyons of New York City to the Islands of Hawaii, and all across the land, presenting: Ohio's Ambassadors of Music: The Massillon Tiger Swing Band!

“We knew that during football season, we were in show biz.”
George “Red” Bird

The lead-in paragraph on this page is the introduction that will be used to set the tone for the performance of the 1991 Edition of an American institution known locally as the Washington High School "Tiger Swing Band." A lot of seasons, faces, sweat, and tears are summed up in that tiny paragraph, but oh the volumes that can be written from what is missing "Between the lines!" This then is an attempt to place together for posterity some of those missing lines as we remember and commemorate our high school band.

This is video that was edited together with an original recording of the Massillon Marching band performance in the game against Canton McKinley in November of 1944. The caption on the screen has the incorrect date listed.


Here is a short clip of something I have'nt heard much in a very long time-The Cleveland Browns "Fight Song"..Written By George T. "Red" Bird, famed musical director of the Cleveland Browns. He was originally hired by Paul Brown at Massillon High School in the 1930's to form the famous "Tiger Swing Band"..The Browns Fight Song was created in 1946 and has been used throughout the Browns' History at the Stadium and On Radio Broadcasts..